Chiller van from Dubai

If you want to deliver chilled goods in Dubai, UAE; you can avail our extra ordinary services. As, most of the long-distance refrigerated transport by truck or Van is done. We deliver fresh and chilled products. Our chiller trucks have capacity of 1 ton to 3 tons and 5 tons.

Freezer van in Dubai

Whatever type of budget you have we give you good discounts as u need. No matter the type of food you are selling, our stupendous Freezer Vans come in all shapes and sizes as well as these are branded to suit you and fully equipped with all requirements. So contact with us and deliver your products safely. It’s definitely not hard to acquire a Freezer van beside you get it in light of its exorbitant configuration it required a lot of capital endeavors. While obtaining a Freezer van might be in all regards over the top, renting one is an increasingly reasonable decision that you could research.

Delivery van in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

Looking for the satisfactory serves to deliver your frozen products in Sharjah? We are here for you. We offer a conversion service for trucks, Vans, Cargo and other unique vehicles. We deliver frozen food products such as meat, fish, ice creams, vegetables, fruits and other food items of same kind. So Contact now and get a wonderful start!

Catering Trucks in Dubai

Wonderful decent Catering trucks are here for you. In Dubai UAE. We are going to introduce some unique and antique catering ideas for you. Our catering will surely satisfy you so avail our services and call us today and find out just how easy it is for us to provide you with the food truck of your dreams

Chiller Vehicles for Rent?

Hi, Looking for Chiller Vehicles for Rent in UAE? Our Chiller Vehicles are generally used for moving you perishable goods at very low colds. Our Chiller Vehicle freezing unit has a microprocessor controlled system that has been popular for long service life. We also offer Chiller Trucks with Eutectic chillers that are widely used for the transportation of ice creams, Beverages, Vegetables, fruits etc.