Looking for Affordable Refrigerated Truck for Rent?

No worries, here are the excellent quality trucks with efficient staff. We have variety of trucks with different capacities as per your requirement. Freezer Truck, Chiller Truck, Reefer Truck, Flower Truck, Food Trucks etc. Although Chiller van and Reefer van are also available. All trucks have capacity from 1 to 10 tons and capacity of Vans are 1 to 5 tons. We deliver the perishable items all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi so don’t miss this precious chance to achieve the best services.  These are the most convenient ways to transfer food items.

Freezer Truck

Hi, we are here to deliver your frozen items. Our latest model freezer trucks are ready to deliver your goods. Frozen meat, fish, cake, flowers, fruits, vegetables and all kinds of perishable food items. Our well experienced and trained employs will surely satisfy your needs. The carrying capacity of freezer truck is 1 to 10 tons.

Chiller Truck

Call us and order, we ensure to fulfill your needs to deliver fresh food all over Dubai.  We have supper temperature control system according to the product’s need. With a chiller refrigerated truck, your goods can be stored overnight in the truck without any fear of anything happening to them. If, for instance, goods are not delivered, for one reason or another, after loading, they don’t have to be unloaded. The chiller machine sees to it that nothing happens to them until the next day.

Cargo Van

Let’s take your goods easily from one place to another without disturbing its natural touch. Looking for the cargo vans for rent? We Fresh and Cool Freezer truck are here for you. Our rentals are exclusively dedicated to cargo rentals, which allows us to have a broader variety of van sizes and styles than our competitors.

Freezer Van

Freezer van is more helpful to deliver your quick food items. We have fast and safe delivery for frozen goods. If your delegate food items are pending to deliver hire our services.

Chiller van

Now your food is going to deliver in safe and chilled manner. Maintenance the freshness of item is our responsibility. Our expert and talented staff is ready.

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