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Looking for Chiller Truck with tail lift in Dubai?

If you need a Chiller truck with extra ordinary and excellent services, Contact us we have the latest model vans and trucks with well experienced staff.  Our Well equipped vehicles are meeting the International standard of Excellency. The capacity of Chiller truck is 1 to 10 ton and the capacity of van is 1 to

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Looking for the Refrigerated vehicles in Dubai UAE?

Chiller van from Dubai If you want to deliver chilled goods in Dubai, UAE; you can avail our extra ordinary services. As, most of the long-distance refrigerated transport by truck or Van is done. We deliver fresh and chilled products. Our chiller trucks have capacity of 1 ton to 3 tons and 5 tons. Freezer

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Looking for Affordable Refrigerated Truck for Rent?

No worries, here are the excellent quality trucks with efficient staff. We have variety of trucks with different capacities as per your requirement. Freezer Truck, Chiller Truck, Reefer Truck, Flower Truck, Food Trucks etc. Although Chiller van and Reefer van are also available. All trucks have capacity from 1 to 10 tons and capacity of

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